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Build a high performing Centre of Excellence that continuously drives value from your SAP programme

Become self-sufficient, keep your users happy and reduce spend.

The problem:

Your business has spent millions building an SAP programme globally and rolling it out.

Now you need to quickly ramp up your in house capability to get the best out of your transformation and reduce your reliance on third parties.

You need to build an internal knowledge base and keep the strategic thinking in-house, keeping the keys to the car in the company.

And you also need experienced contractors to come and fix things that are broken in one short, sharp hit.

But using your systems integrator to fill the roles would be too expensive and you’re under pressure to get this done as cost effectively as possible.

The solution:

You need an SAP recruitment partner you can rely on.

One that can give you the quality you need as quickly as possible.

A team of proven SAP experts that can talk your language, so you don’t have to waste your time explaining what things mean.

Drive by bluewaveSELECT will give you access to accurately matched SAP people who are as good as they say they are.

In fact, we fill 99% of roles on the first go.

How it works:

So you’ll only be sent candidates motivated to join the project and company, able to do the job, with a track record in similar projects and a great cultural fit.

The outcomes:

Happy, supported and well-trained users

Having untapped access to the best SAP people on the market means you can build a Centre of Excellence that will keep your users happy and make sure they’re supported when things go wrong.

Reduce spend

You’ll have an SAP recruitment partner you can depend on that can get you the permanent and contract hires you need at a much lower cost than your systems integrator.

A true partnership

Our exceptionally low turnover of staff means you keep the same contact for the long term. They’ll gain a deep understanding of your business, your culture and what makes you tick.

Sit back and relax

We make it easy for you to do nothing. Once you’ve briefed us, we’ll do all the heavy lifting and admin.

We had a really challenging role and were struggling to find the right person for a long time. bluewaveSELECT got me a really good resource - it was a first time hit.

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