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SAP Learning Hub and Certification Hub – Discount

By admin_bluewaveselect


We have partnered with the UK & Ireland SAP User Group to offer annual membership and access to SAP’s Learning and Certification Hubs, at less than half price to contractors in our network.

Through UKISUG Membership, SAP Learning Hub and Certification Hub, you’ll be able to keep your skills up to date over the next 12 months and become certified in areas critical to you.

We felt that this could be of interest given the constantly evolving nature of SAP’s landscape.


UKISUG Membership

UKISUG is an independent membership organisation set up for the SAP community to collaborate and make SAP projects easier. It organises over 30 face-to-face events and 100s of online webinars every year. Through it, you’ll be able to keep up with the SAP roadmap and take on expert guidance from a community of around 600 customers and 140 SAP partners.


SAP Learning Hub

SAP’s most comprehensive learning offering on the market and contains over 5,000 courses, allowing you to find all the SAP training you’ll need in one place. You’ll have all the content available to get you ready for your certification exams. A 12-month licence typically costs £2,424.00.  Which also includes 60 hours of Live access.


SAP Certification Hub

Once you’re ready, you can schedule up to 6 exam bookings over your subscription period. A 12-month licence typically costs £439



Full SAP Price  – Learning & Certification Hubs: £2,863.00

UKISUG offer for both LH & CH PLUS UKISUG Consultant membership: £1,668.00

UKISUG offer via bluewaveSELECT: all the above for just £1,525 

** All prices exclude VAT.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Vicky Lane at UKISUG ( [email protected]) This offer is only valid until 7th July.

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