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Busting 3 Myths about Change Leadership on SAP Transformation Programmes

By admin_bluewaveselect


Are you looking to improve how your business uses SAP but not sure how to? Or maybe you are a leader of change whose role is not always understood in business? Either way, this short blog is intended to get both groups on the same page by busting 3 common misconceptions I’ve experienced on SAP transformation programmes.

Myth 1) Change is just some comms and training before go live 🙉

This may be the traditional approach, but have you ever wondered why so many SAP transformation programmes have such predictable outcomes? (If you know, you know). Early and frequent engagement with actual users is key to successful adoption upon deployment, so don’t wait until the 11th hour to do it. Invest in change leadership from day 1 to create a golden thread through all deliverables, build bridges and gather the most important information from the people impacted.


Myth 2) Change is all about process and systems 🤓

Have you ever told someone about a process change only to hear it taken out of context in the next team meeting? It could be down to your communication skills, or it could be because change is not as logical as we would like it to be (that would be too easy). People often buy in emotionally first and only hear what’s relevant to them, so it’s important that you understand the daily challenges of every individual impacted. Then it becomes a sales pitch on how you can solve that person’s burning problem with some process and system knowledge in your back pocket.


Myth 3) Change can be delivered quickly on an IT budget only ⏳️

Have you got the capacity to support people impacted by change at every step of the journey? SAP transformation programmes are time and energy-intensive, so dedicated resource is always recommended over doing it at the side of your desk. Combined with a niche skillset multiplied by the number of business functions impacted by change, you can quickly see why your plan and budget needs to go over and above the time and cost of enabling the technology itself (usually at least 2x).

Joe Gregson

I help Supply Chain leaders solve core strategic problems through innovative technology and digital native talent with 7 years of hands on, multi-industry experience, resulting in a high performing, resilient workplace of the future. Contact the team at bluewaveSELECT to find out where I can add value to your SAP transformation programme.

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