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Sharing our Success – 1% Charity of Choice

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With our unmatched network of SAP professionals, we’ve helped a vast range of clients transform their businesses over the last eight years.

As we continue to build on our success, we are more aware than ever of our responsibility to make a positive impact on the world and the power we have to make remarkable changes. After all, it is thanks to our valued clients that we have the ability to make a difference.

With that in mind, we are continually working to improve the wider impact of our business with environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials in focus. As we look to benefit society in a way that is bigger than our day job, we consistently find new ways to deliver exciting outcomes for colleagues, clients and communities that build social and economic equity for generations to come.

With that, we are pleased to showcase what we are doing this year to ensure our success positively impacts the wider world and generates further opportunities to do so.

Our Charitable Commitments

As a human-centred organisation, we are defined by our incredible people. With a hands-on approach, the bluewaveSELECT team are passionate about supporting those who are in need – creating a better world both locally, and on a global scale.


At the end of every successful hiring process, we donate to WaterAid on behalf of our fantastic clients. In 2022, we donated over 200 water pumps to WaterAid, helping save lives and provide access to clean water and sanitation.

With clean water on tap, our donations have improved lives in 28 countries globally. Together with our clients, we’re working to help even more communities thrive in 2023 and beyond.

Charity of Choice

Alongside our promise to WaterAid, we have launched a new Charity of Choice initiative, working with each client to donate 1% of the profits to their chosen charity. With this, we hope to inspire our clients, empowering them with the gift of giving back.

B Corp Certification & Sustainability

In reaching the highest standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency, the team at bluewaveSELECT are currently working towards B Corp certification.

Having made huge strides forward on this journey, we recognise that there’s still work to be done. With that in mind, we are working closely with B Corp to align our processes and credentials with their extremely high standards. We know that it will be worth it!

As part of our wider outlook, we always look to work with suppliers that are aligned with our values and philosophy; these partnerships are crucial to our campaign towards carbon neutrality.

As 96% of companies see employees as an important part of their sustainability initiatives, bluewaveSELECT encourages staff to volunteer for a charity or environmental/social project at least one day per year; this further encourages and engages our talented workforce in making a positive change.

Promoting Diversity

bluewaveSELECT does not simply support diversity; we actively strive to achieve positive change regarding representation in recruitment and the wider technology sector. We work proactively to implement strategies that promote diversity in the workplace, adopting a dedicated role in driving inclusivity, visibility and representation in the wider SAP world.

We invest heavily in communication and training to ensure everyone we work with feels represented and respected.

This world is nothing without the diverse people within it, and this is something we consider and apply at bluewaveSELECT. We ensure everybody feels represented, allowing their voices to echo through all our business decisions.

We value having a wider perspective than any one person can offer, drawing from enriched cultural and life experiences to ensure we make the right choices going forward. Our specialists are trained to celebrate diversity internally and externally, interviewing and placing candidates with fairness, appreciation and inclusivity in mind.

Making a Positive Impact

Here at bluewave, our values are integral to how we work and remain central to every interaction you have with us. With an enduring commitment to our ESG credentials, our clients can rest assured that transparency and accountability are at the core of our business strategy.

If you’re looking to transform your approach to SAP recruitment, get in touch with a member of our dedicated team.

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