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bluewaveSELECT GmbH Celebrate Their First Year Of Business!

By admin_bluewaveselect


What an exciting journey it has been so far! This will be a longer posting, so grab a cup of coffee or tea, buckle up and let’s go!

First of all: thank you team! All of this wouldn’t be possible without you two, Anika Schneider and Laura Hillringhaus. Thank you for your tremendous efforts and results this year. A lot of things can happen when you have the right people in the right spots.

Also, the support from our UK team makes a lot of difference for our daily business. The trust from both founders – Vincent Dunlop and Jonathan Hurren – plus the absolutely top notch bluewaveSELECT team spirit is a true asset in our company. Receiving business coaching support from Steve Carter FRSA and Andreas Klinder helped us to refocus and reconfirm plans and bring them to action. Always remember: it is good to think you’re doing great but better to have someone in place who tells you the actual truth.

We have gained a lot of traction on the market from the very beginning. Focusing on turnover from the very first day of business is a turbo for future plans and expansions. We were able to hit break-even point very quickly and received a lot of positive feedback from the market. Probably the one (of many) highlight was being recommended to a new client by an HR director from a DAX listed customer. This is one of the many USP working as a specialized SAP recruitment agency. I would like to personally thank every customer and candidate we have worked with. We truly value our business relationships and will host an event in the near future to bring our customers together.

Networking with APSCo Deutschland and especially attending the StaffingPRO expo also helped gaining insights into the German recruitment industry and meet many known faces like Richard JagerAlex GerritsenMalin BehrensThomas André SolaLuuk Houtepen and many many more. I highly recommend those events as especially as a business leader you need to be aware of your market surroundings to be able to adapt or anticipate change quickly. Connect with Thomas André Sola or Fé Olivia Küsslich if you need further information on APSCo.

Also I am proud of our charity actions when helping out on different occasions for Ukrainian refugees. Through the whole of our network we managed to gather several thousands of Euros. Thank you all for you generosity.

There are of course some downsides of running and building up a new business from (almost) scratch. But most of those things are of administrative nature and can be handled with some effort when addressed correctly. We gathered feedback on a monthly basis from the team and our business coaches and are now building all those structures needed to jump start future careers.

So let’s get to the point: our vision until 2025 is set. We have carved out a plan together with our business coaches how to achieve and hit our goals, expand the business and most important: grow the team. We are highly committed to build a new contract team in Munich. If you are looking for an opportunity to take your skills and earning potential to the next level we would like to hear from you. You can expect a highly motivated, committed and fun team, an experienced and value-driven leadership team and a warm desk to cross sell contract solutions to current and new customers. Best of all: you can be yourself at work. We don’t expect you to play a role here nor will anybody ask you how long you have been on the phone. That sounds interesting to you? You can find more information about your future employer, please follow this link which will lead you to our nice job advert. We would love to celebrate the next company’s birthday with you!

So, what can you expect from us for the next 12 months? First of all: a lot of more happy customers and candidates. We are starting with a German version of our infamous SAP report – published every quarter. We will create a dedicated internal role for online marketing. We will create a dedicated internal role for sourcing candidates. Ideally we will have 3-6 contract billers by the end of 2023. We also will engage more into CSR activities. There will be a lot of challenges on our journey but I am positive we can overcome them and learn from every situation we handle.  Let’s go and make it happen! 😊

For further information feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or via e-mail to [email protected]

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the rest of the week. We will celebrate with cake, coffee and champagne! 😊

Link: Your future employer – bluewaveSELECT

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