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Option 3 Transform your Approach to SAP with our highly cost-effective SoW Model

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Many of the very best SAP experts in the UK will only ever consider Outside IR35 engagements. Through this IT Services model we can attract, secure and importantly retain the highly sort after expertise delivered through SoWs.  

In order to facilitate successful programmes with access to the very best SAP experts, we provide IT Consultancy Services through formal SoW’s under bluewaveCONSULT (BWC) and therefore become the ‘Engager’ and ‘Fee Payer’ from an IR35 HMRC perspective taking full responsibility and liability for the IR35. SAP end-users, who have in effect taken a blanket Inside IR35 approach, use this model to ensure successful programme delivery. Many well-known global brands have carved out specific SoWs including Architecture, Technical, Data, Testing, Change Management, Training and Project Assurance from their normal Systems Integrator model and saved £millions against high SI costs.

This robust Outside IR35 model allows our clients to successfully engage with the very best SAP experts in the UK through a true IT Services Model. 

Much like working with SAP Consultancies some key aspects that differ from a recruitment supply chain are as follows:

  • BWC will deliver services under the MSA with a defined Statement of Work (SoW) for each engagement. 
  • BWC will be responsible for dealing with the rectification of issues with the services and/or deliverables at no additional cost.
  • BWC will have the oversight and administrative management of the services being delivered, BWC will regularly review progress on delivery of projects, and sign off deliverables and the services. There will be a formal review, sign off, and reporting structure.

Main advantages: 

(a) Successfully attract the right calibre of SAP experts via BWC SoWs to deliver projects.

(b) Totally mitigate risk with greater comfort regarding compliance.

(c) Full compliance engager analysis and status determination paperwork from external Tax specialists.

  • Genuine contracting party who accepts responsibility for the services delivered.

(d) No unnecessary additional on-costs associated with Inside IR35 status which will include payment of employers NI and if PAYE models are used the on-costs of holiday and sickness statutory benefits.

(e) Highly competitive volume rate card, tenure discount and cashback options available.

This model is ideal for companies:

  • Delivering full end to end S/4HANA Business Transformations.
  • Looking to cut programme costs significantly vs Systems Integrators.
  • Who require full IR35 protection form a 3rd party specialist.
  • With a PAYE policy change Inside IR35.


bluewaveCONSULT provides an alternative to freelance contractors through a service delivered under formal Statement of Work agreements.

Our true IT services model will meet all of your project-related needs, including finding, screening and hiring the best SAP experts to deliver the SoW.

Are you an SAP company requiring expertise or advice on IR35?

Let us know at [email protected] or +44 (0) 1423 559 559.

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