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Get independent, trustworthy advice on your S/4HANA roadmap

Avoid getting the wool pulled over your eyes and making expensive mistakes.

The problem:

You’re behind on your S/4HANA journey. You know you need to get started in order to meet the deadline. But there’s so much to think about – it goes far beyond the IT.

What should be prioritised? How long should it take? What should you do with your existing SAP team? Where are the benefits going to be realised? What efficiencies are going to be gained? And how does that translate into head count or impact on the bottom line?

You’re getting conflicting advice on what’s needed – and getting it wrong would be very costly.

The solution:

What you need is independent advice and assurance. An individual that can help you scope S/4HANA correctly.

Challenge by bluewaveSELECT will give you access to trustworthy, independent advice that will ensure you don’t get the wool pulled over your eyes by businesses that can commercially gain from the gaps in your knowledge.

Whether your gaps are deeply technical, financial or procurement-related, you’ll get a proven domain expert or architect that understands your needs and can design an S/4HANA roadmap that’s tailored to your business goals.

How it works

So you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of becoming more agile, giving your SAP users the best possible tools to do their jobs effectively.

The outcomes:

Avoid expensive mistakes

Make sure every penny is spent on making your S/4HANA implementation as efficient and effective as possible.


Be supported by an expert who has seen it all before and knows what good looks like.

Peace of

Your advisor isn’t motivated by the wrong things and will have your best interests at the forefront.

We had a really challenging role and were struggling to find the right person for a long time. bluewaveSELECT got me a really good resource - it was a first time hit.

Becky F | Trustpilot

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