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UK & Ireland SAP Contractor Survey Results 2024

The results are in. The UK & Ireland SAP contractor community have spoken. Contractors are critical to the success of business transformation programmes – but because they’re part of the temporary workforce, their voices often aren’t heard in the boardrooms of the businesses that need them. This report aims to change that. After surveying hundreds […]

The Women in SAP Report 2024

    Contents:  How the percentage of women in SAP has progressed over time A comparison of the percentage of women in tech across the globe The impact of AI, economic downturn and early careers on the share of women in SAP Practical interventions organisations can make to get more applications from women Key insights from Fiona Warburg, UKISUG’s […]

Should more SAP Procurement Consultants be learning to Swim Upstream?

What the market is telling you about where to focus your efforts in 2024. Did you catch November’s quarterly SAP Ariba release for Q4 2023? Amongst the nearly 100 new features lies a telling indication as to some possible projects that both new and existing customers may opt for in 2024 when it comes to […]

The Importance of Change in an S/4HANA Implementation Project

The Importance of Change in an S/4HANA Implementation Project With the ECC deadline rapidly approaching, more and more organisations are making the leap to SAP S/4HANA. Despite a massive 89% of companies planning to make the move, studies from UKISUG show that 92% of users are concerned about their lack of S/4HANA skills. As technology […]

The SAP Report Q2 2023

The SAP Report Q2 2023 is now live and free to download! This report is our biggest yet and is packed with some of the most popular/in-demand SAP market data such as… Salary/day rate SAP benchmarking S/4HANA uptake SAP Jobs & Hiring Activity Most In-demand SAP skills  Spotlight on AI S/4HANA Shortage 8 years of […]

SAP Learning Hub and Certification Hub – Discount

We have partnered with the UK & Ireland SAP User Group to offer annual membership and access to SAP’s Learning and Certification Hubs, at less than half price to contractors in our network. Through UKISUG Membership, SAP Learning Hub and Certification Hub, you’ll be able to keep your skills up to date over the next […]

Busting 3 Myths about Change Leadership on SAP Transformation Programmes

Are you looking to improve how your business uses SAP but not sure how to? Or maybe you are a leader of change whose role is not always understood in business? Either way, this short blog is intended to get both groups on the same page by busting 3 common misconceptions I’ve experienced on SAP […]

What SAP S/4HANA Skills Shortage Gap?

With the impending ECC maintenance deadline looming on the horizon, the crucial switch to S/4HANA is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.  Nothing has caused as much commotion, confusion, and uncertainty for SAP customers as the launch and implementation of SAP S/4HANA, and it’s a ticking time bomb for those businesses who have not […]

Sharing our Success – 1% Charity of Choice

With our unmatched network of SAP professionals, we’ve helped a vast range of clients transform their businesses over the last eight years. As we continue to build on our success, we are more aware than ever of our responsibility to make a positive impact on the world and the power we have to make remarkable […]